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ESTP Webinar Series—October 15 and October 27
Hosted by: European Society of Toxicologic Pathology
Co-sponsored by: British Society of Toxicological Pathology;
French Society of Toxicological Pathology; Society of Toxicologic Pathology

PATHWAYS—A Newsletter for Students of Veterinary Pathology—September issue now available

A New Issue of Toxicologic Pathology (Vol. 43, No. 6) Is Now Available Online
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Interested in Sharing Your Career Perspective and Toxicologic Pathology Knowledge with Pathology Trainees?—The Career Development and Outreach Committee (CDOC) is pleased to announce a new initiative: STP Speakers/Training Institution Program (STIP)

Summer SCOPE Newsletter Is Now Available!
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ACVP/ASVCP/STP Combined Annual Meeting Website

Revised Student Webpage—Here, you will find a variety of useful links that will allow you to explore the many resources and training opportunities available for students.

Special Issue on Testicular Toxicity Now Available in Spermatogenesis

SEND Finalization Update NDA submissions and IND-supporting studies must be submitted with electronic data beginning 18 Dec 2016. See the SEND page for more information.

2014 Annual Symposium Course Recordings and Keynote Address Now Online
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STP Bylaws UpdateDefinition of Full Members Updated in Bylaws

New STP Policy PostedUse of STP Name and Logo

New STP Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) PostedSTIP Travel Reimbursement SOP and STP Annual Management Feedback SOP
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A new INHAND Soft Tissue and Integument supplement published in the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology is now available online.

Proliferative and Non-Proliferative Lesions of the Rat and Mouse Female Reproductive Tract

Toxicologic Pathology 2013 Best Paper Award
Unexpected Thrombocytopenia and Anemia in Cynomolgus Monkeys Induced by a Therapeutic Human Monoclonal Antibody
Toxicol Pathol, 2013; 41(7): pp. 951–969, originally published online March 7, 2013. (Member login required)

INHAND: New INHAND Working Group to Review Apoptosis and Necrosis Terminology

SEND Presentation: Requirements for Standardized Study Data: Update on Guidance

STP Position Paper: Interpreting the Significance of Increased Alveolar Macrophages in Rodents Following Inhalation of Pharmaceutical Materials

Nonneoplastic Lesion Atlas—The National Toxicology Program (NTP) has created a new web-based resource containing thousands of high quality images and guidelines for diagnosis of nonneoplastic lesions in experimental rodent models. The first nine sections are now available the NTP website. When completed, the Atlas will contain 56 sections, each focusing on a particular organ or tissue.

Related article in February issue of Toxicologic Pathology.

Announcing INHAND Nomenclature Change Control
The INHAND Project (International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria for Lesions) is a joint initiative of the STP, ESTP, BSTP and JSTP to develop an internationally-accepted nomenclature for proliferative and non-proliferative lesions in laboratory animals. The INHAND nomenclature is being adopted by the US FDA for use in the SEND initiative (Standard for the Exchange of Nonclinical Data). Pathologists who discover a lesion in a toxicity study that is not covered by the INHAND nomenclature are encouraged to request a new INHAND term. In addition, changes, additions, and updates to current terms may be desirable and may be requested.

Best Practices for Veterinary Toxicologic Clinical Pathology, with Emphasis on the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries (DOI: 10.1111/vcp.12059).

Navigating ToxPathNet
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Navigating the STP Website
A 3-minute slide show is now available to assist in learning to navigate the website. (Select the button on the left to access.)

The Role of the Toxicologic Pathologist in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
As part of an STP initiative to provide awareness of the specialized role of toxicologic pathologists in the biopharmaceutical industry, a review paper was published in the International Journal of Toxicology to educate and to attract new scientists and veterinarians to the field.


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