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STP Virtual Continuing Education Courses
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The Safeguarding of Your Vital Organ Systems Depends on Safety Pharmacology: What Is It?

Recordered Friday, October 2, 2020

Co-Chairs: Michael K. Pugsley, MS, FBPhS, PhD, Cytokinetics; and Steve Tichenor, PhD, Charles River Laboratories

This continuing education course will include lectures that describe fundamental areas of safety pharmacology studies (CNS, Respiratory, Cardiovascular systems) for both new chemical entities (NCE) as well as biotechnology-derived products. It will also include some discussion of clinical issues (and methods) as well as novel non-clinical methods and approaches that may be added to the core ‘battery’ of tests used to explore the safety of novel therapeutic agents. Attendees will be introduced to discussion regarding the role safety pharmacology has as an integral component within the safety program for drug development. We will also introduce the Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CIPA) cardiovascular paradigm being developed for hazard identification, elimination and risk assessment that would help to obviate conduct of the clinical “Through QT” (TQT) study. Furthermore, this course will provide attendees with a crucial resource that explains the important role safety pharmacology has in the overall pharmaceutical drug development process.

Course Speakers

Michael K. Pugsley,
An Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Safety Pharmacology
Michael K. Pugsley, FBPhS, PhD, DSP

Michael K. Pugsley,
Core Battery 1: The Cardiovascular System
Michael K. Pugsley, FBPhS, PhD, DSP

Susan M.G. Goody
Core Battery 2: The Central Nervous System
Susan M.G. Goody, PhD
Moderna Inc.

Steve Tichenor
Core Battery 3: The Respiratory System
Steve Tichenor, PhD
Charles River Laboratories

Michael J. Engwall
A Safety Pharmacology Evaluation of Biopharmaceuticals
Michael J. Engwall, DVM, PhD
Amgen Inc.

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