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STP 32nd Annual Symposium
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Abstract Submission

April 1, 2013

Student Travel Award

April 1, 2013

Advance Registration

April 10, 2013


May 20, 2013

Meeting Cancellation

May 10, 2013

Hotel Reservation

May 22, 2013

Follow STP on Twitter

STP Twitter Account Name: ToxPathNet

There are two ways, described below, to connect with STP on Twitter to get updates during the 2013 Annual Symposium.

Get Updates Without Opening a Personal Twitter Account

You can follow STP’s Twitter account (@ToxPathNet) from a mobile phone without creating a Twitter account. To get Tweets from STP, just text “follow @ToxPathNet” to 40404 in the US. More about Fast Follow.

Create a Twitter Account and Begin Following STP (@ToxPathNet)

If you already have a Twitter account:

  • Use the search tool in the top right aspect of the home page and search for ToxPathNet, which is the official STP Twitter account.
  • Search results are usually listed under the three major groups (Tweets, People and Top Photos). These three tabs show up on the left side of the page. Select the People list of search results by clicking on People tab. This should pull up STP @ToxPathNet.
  • Click the follow icon (blue bird with follow) to follow STP.
  • You should now start getting regular updates from STP

If you do not have a Twitter account:

  • Go to twitter and find the sign up box, or go directly to the twitter sign up page.
  • Click Sign up for Twitter.
  • On the next page, you can select a username (usernames are unique identifiers on Twitter)—type your own if available or choose one suggested by Twitter. For example, the username for STP is @ToxPathNet
  • Double check your name, email address, password and username.
  • Click “Create my account.” You may be asked to complete a Captcha.
  • Twitter will then send a Confirmation email to the address you entered on sign up. Click the link in that email to confirm and activate the account.

To get mobile notification after opening a Twitter account:

You can enable mobile notifications in your account’s mobile settings. This can be accessed under the settings tab (wheel shaped tab on top right). More about notifications.

Tips for picking a username:

  • Your username is the name your followers use when sending @replies, mentions, and direct messages.
  • It will also form the URL of your Twitter profile page. Twitter will provide a few available suggestions when you sign up, but feel free to choose your own.
  • Please note: You can change your username in your account settings at any time, as long as the new username is not already in use.
  • Usernames must be fewer than 15 characters in length and cannot contain “admin” or “Twitter,” in order to avoid brand confusion.

Important information about your email address:

  • An email address can only be associated with one Twitter account at a time.
  • The email address you use on your Twitter account is not publicly visible to others on Twitter.
  • Twitter uses the email you enter to confirm your new Twitter account. Be sure to enter an email address that you actively use and have access to. Check your inbox for a confirmation email to make sure you signed up for your account correctly.

About Public and Protected Tweets

What is the difference between public and protected Tweets?

  • When you sign up for Twitter, you have the option to keep your Tweets public (the default account setting) or to protect your Tweets.
  • Accounts with protected Tweets require manual approval of each and every person who may view that account's Tweets.

Who can see my Tweets?

  • Public Tweets (the default setting) are visible to anyone, whether or not they have a Twitter account.
  • Protected Tweets may only be visible to your approved Twitter followers.

Why would I protect my Tweets?

If you want to control who sees your updates, you may choose to protect your Tweets. You can always change your mind and make them public later.

When you protect your Tweets, the following restrictions are put in place:

  • People will have to request to follow you; each follow request will need approval. Learn more.
  • Your Tweets will only be visible to users you've approved.
  • Other users will not be able to retweet your Tweets. Learn more.
  • Protected Tweets will not appear in Twitter search or Google search.
  • Replies you send to people who aren't following you will not be seen by those users (because you have not given them permission to see your Tweets).
  • You cannot share permanent links to your Tweets with anyone other than your approved followers.

Why can’t some Tweets be retweeted?

  • If another user’s Tweets are protected, you will not be able to retweet their content. If you see the lock icon next to the user's name and information on their profile page or on their Tweets, their Tweets are protected and you will not be able to share their Tweets on your timeline through Twitter's retweet feature.
  • You can see their Tweets in your timeline because they have accepted your follow request, but because they have chosen not to share their Tweets publicly, their Tweets cannot be retweeted by you or anyone else.
  • You cannot retweet your own Tweet. However, if your Tweets are public, others will be able to retweet you.

If you have other questions:

  1. Read the Twitter 101 article.
  2. Take the Twitter Tour.

















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