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STP Modular Course Student Travel Grant

Application deadline is August 15.

The Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) is pleased to offer the STP Modular Course Student Travel Grant to eligible students and trainees with demonstrated interest in the field of toxicologic pathology. This grant is intended to cultivate those interests by exposing trainees to in-depth applicable knowledge in subspecialties of Toxicologic Pathology, while also facilitating interactions and networking opportunities for trainees interested in pursuing a career in Toxicologic Pathology.

Award recipients will be selected by an independent panel of judges composed of STP members. Award selection will be based on the candidate’s contribution and commitment to pathology and applicability of the modular course to the candidate’s career goals.

The recipients will receive free course registration, a certificate of recognition (attendance), and an award stipend up to $1,000 to be used for lodging and transportation to the STP modular course. Complimentary STP student membership will also be provided for the following year. Stipends will only be awarded if the award recipient is able to attend the modular course.

Eligibility: Applicants must be training in the field of experimental or Toxicologic Pathology or a related discipline (including DVM and MD students, anatomic and clinical pathology residents, and MS and PhD students), and must be available to travel to attend the modular course. Applicants who have recently completed (within 12 months) their graduate studies are also eligible.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill out application online. Be prepared to submit the items below as part of the application.
    1. Submit your Curriculum Vitae.
    2. Letter of reference from your mentor.
    3. Include a statement describing your contribution to pathology, interest in Toxicologic Pathology, and future career goals.
    4. A brief pre-estimate travel budget.
Applicants should complete the application form, personal statement, letter of recommendation, Curriculum Vitae and a brief pre-estimate travel budget. The deadline for submission is August 15 by 5:00 pm ET to be considered for the current annual award cycle.

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