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STP Donor Wall

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STP would like to thank the following member donors for their generous contributions to the STP Million Dollar Campaign—FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE 2025. Their cumulative donations since the campaign's inception in July 2020 support our Society's mission to be an international leader for the improvement of human, animal, and environmental health using an interdisciplinary scientific approach based in pathology and toxicology.


Opal Level
Dr. Emily Meseck
Dr. JoAnn Schuh

Peral Level
Dr. Famke Aeffner

Peral Level
Dr. Wanda Haschek-Hock
Dr. Charlotte Keenan
Dr. James (Jim) Popp

Peral Level

Peral Level
Dr. Hajime Hiraragi
Dr. Brian Short

Peral Level
Dr. Lydia Andrews-Jones
Dr. James (Jim) Fikes
Dr. Naomi Gades
Dr. Robert Lee Johnson
Dr. Adelekan Oyejide
Dr. John Vahle
Dr. Jonathan Werner

Peral Level
Dr. Keith Bailey
Dr. Danielle Brown
Dr. Bernie Buetow
Dr. Jennifer Cann
Dr. Susan Elmore
Dr. Frank Geoly
Dr. Melanie Greeley
Dr. Jessica Grieves
Dr. Charles Halsey
Dr. Takanori Harada
Dr. Jerry Hardisty
Dr. Kristin Henson
Dr. William Iverson
Dr. Saravanan Kaliyaperumal
Dr. Larissa Kipa
Dr. Katherine Knostman
Dr. Ingeborg Langohr
Dr. Kristin Lewis Wilson
Dr. Paul Meunier
Dr. Richard Miller
Dr. Daniel Patrick
Dr. Matthias Rinke
Dr. Brett Saladino
Dr. Aaron Sargeant
Dr. Eric Schultze
Dr. Diann Weddle
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