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Have an STP Pathologist Visit Your School!

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STP Speakers/Training Institution Program (STIP)

The goal of the STIP initiative is to increase career development and educational interactions between STP and training institutions in North America, including those that have historically had fewer interactions with Toxicologic Pathologists. To address this overall goal, the STP has established a speakers program wherein STP members travel to training institutions to present toxicologic pathology and career focused talks to pathology trainees.

Currently, the focus of the STIP initiative is on meeting with current pathology trainees in a residency program with expressed interest in learning more about toxicologic pathology. Speakers may also meet with interested veterinary students (often through pathology clubs or the student chapters of the ACVP).

If you are interested in learning more about careers in toxicologic pathology—have a STIP speaker visit your school! Find out how to get your school involved by completing the STP form below. You will be contacted by the STIP Coordinator.

STP Speakers/Training Institution Program (STIP)
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